About Us

Welcome To Ujala Packers and Movers Group.

Ujala movers and packers have been strong contenders in the race for being the best in the business of moving houses and offices for a long time. With its offices in Bangalore, the company operates a major part of the moving business in the national capital region and there are clients and customers all over the country.

Vision & Mission

In a world quickly catching on to the values of globalization, ujala movers and packers steps into the picture to create a smaller world by virtue of its excellent services. We offer our services even at the global level to confirm with the ideals of globalization set out by the rapid means of communication and transportation.

the company aims to help its clients and all those who come to its portals with the best of services . We aim to provide all kinds of help we can. So, whether you are in need of some physical labour or even if you are facing some kind of emotional stress from the very thought of shifting household, you can be assured of our services at relieving this kind of tension in no time.

Quality Assurance

One of the best arts of the bargain you get when you come to us for any kind of shifting is that you are assured of complete quality of help. We do our best to provide the best of services to all our clients regardless of who you are and we never make any difference in claiming payments either. It is always an economical dealing you are sure to find when you come to us with your shifting problems.

Client Satisfaction

There have been hundreds and thousands of happy and satisfied clients who have come to us again and again for our services. Our company maintains a record of these clients and you are most welcome to contact any of these and get a feedback from them regarding our services.

Our Team

The team we have at your service consists of quite a few of truly devoted and dedicated and trained personnel who are always ready to provide all and any kind of help to you. One of the best things about our company is that the services are provided at the most reasonable costs.

Our Strength

The biggest asset of any company are its devoted and dedicated employees. We have an entire team that is always ready to help you out no matter what the time and place.

Why Choose Us

You are sure to find our services the very best when you give us a chance. This is one of the reasons you are supposed to choose us over and above all other service providers in the field. We guarantee a complete and damage-free shifting of your household at the most economical prices.

We have a team of professionals and certainly not a group of amateurs or untrained college students out to make some extra money from shifting services. We have specially designed lorries and trucks for the purpose of ferrying your goods, so you can be sure you are in the safest hands when you come to our offices for help.